At Classroom Vibe we know that improving teacher effectiveness is critical to improving student learning. Unfortunately, as educators, we also know that most Professional Development for educators feels like something that is done to us rather than for us. Worse still we know that traditional approaches to Professional Development often don’t work because they:

  • Are often one-size-fits all.
  • Deliver mile-wide yet inch deep content.
  • Do not reflect that each educator is on their own professional journey.
  • Do not provide ongoing support to teachers in actually changing their practice.

At Classroom Vibe we have recognised these problems and have developed an approach that captures students’ perceptions of their teacher’s practice to provide teachers with valid and reliable feedback about their students experience of known high-impact teaching practices. We then use this to support teachers by:

  • Identifying their unique areas of focus for improvement.
  • Providing personalised recommendations for improvement.

Are you a hard working teacher, trying to have the greatest possible impact on your students by embedding high-impact strategies but are not sure how effective you are? Perhaps our approach is right for you?

Our services for individual teachers include:

  • One-time survey + report: $40
  • Two-time survey + report package (within the academic year): $60
  • Report Debrief/Coaching conversation: $75 per half hour.

At the moment we are offering a free one-time survey + report to the first 20 teachers who register.

If you are interested in finding out your Classroom Vibe register by clicking here!