Teacher Credibility is an umbrella term used to describe whether a teacher is considered (by their students) to be “believable, convincing, and capable of persuading students that they can be successful” (Fisher & Frey, 2018).

Research has shown that Teacher Credibility is a vital factor in ensuring student learning. In fact, with an effect size of 0. 9 (Hattie, 2016), there is clear evidence that if students see their teacher as credible they are much more likely to succeed.

Teacher Credibility is not simply a matter of students “liking” their teacher. It is about whether they perceive them as being a teacher who will enhance their learning.

There are four core aspects that are important to students’ judgments about Teacher Credibility:

  1. Trusting Relationships.
  2. Perceived Competence.
  3. Passion for Teaching.
  4. Immediacy.