We know from the research that our teachers and the quality of their teaching has the largest within school impact upon student learning. One of the greatest challenges that we face as school leaders, though, is tackling the variation of teacher quality that exists within our schools.

We also know from the research what works in education and improving student learning. A key challenge we face is that traditional models of teacher professional development are ineffective. They are typically one-size fits all approaches that deliver mile-wide yet inch deep content. Worse still they do not reflect that each teacher is on their own professional journey with their own unique point of need in terms of their development. What this means is that the best messages are not effectively delivered to their audience.

If you are a school leader looking for innovative ways to delivery a more personalised approach to staff development that incorporates the use of personalised feedback to your staff, from their students, combined with research informed strategies for improvement based upon their unique needs then perhaps Classroom Vibe is for you?

Our services for schools include:

  • One-time survey + report: $40 per teacher.
  • Two-time survey + report package (within the academic year): $60 per teacher.
  • Report Debrief/Coaching conversation: $75 per half hour per teacher.
  • Bespoke Professional Development: (contact for details)

free We are currently offering schools a one-time survey trial for five teachers. Any more than five teachers can be arranged but these will be at our regular price.

If you are interested please get in contact by clicking here!