A ‘theory of change’ explains how activities are understood to produce a series of results that contribute to achieving the final intended impacts.

At Classroom Vibe our goal is simple: to support teachers to maximise student learning throughout the world. To achieve this we have mapped our Theory of Change (see figure below).

Put simply to achieve our goal we seek to provide teachers with valid and reliable feedback, from their students, about their instruction in order to:

  1. Improve teacher capacity to reflect on their practice. We believe that by providing teachers with high-quality evidence regarding their practice combined with research informed strategies for improvement we can support teacher in over-coming cognitive biases that interfere with their capacity to objectively reflect on their practice. Further, we believe that collaborative teacher reflection upon practice, with peers, can support teams of teachers in building a share knowledge of practice which is a key ingredient in developing Collective Teacher Efficacy.
  2. Improve instructional practice. We believe that deep reflection and planning regarding practice based on robust evidence and improvement strategies will result in improvements to practice.
  3. Improve student learning outcomes. We believe that the consequence of improved teacher instructional practice will be improved student learning outcomes both in terms of growth and ultimately absolute levels of achievement.