Whilst the Classroom Vibe Student Perception Survey is a relative new product its genesis was almost 12 years ago. Beginning in 2007 our Director, Tim O’Leary’s, journey in using various form of educational data has brought him in contact with the outstanding research work of Professor John Hattie, Dr Robert Marzano and many more. Along the way Tim has developed, utilised and analysed data from various student perceptions surveys, worked as a school-based data educational analyst and evaluation specialist, completed a PhD in Education, consulted to various education related businesses and worked as a school leader.

Throughout this journey Tim have scoured the academic literature focussed on:

  1. Teacher professional learning.
  2. Effective teaching strategies/practices.
  3. Reliably and validly capturing student perceptions of teacher practice.
  4. Effectively reporting findings to maximise impact.

The result of his research, the Classroom Vibe Student Perception Survey, is a high-quality, evidence informed tool, for capturing students’ perceptions to help teachers make evidence of their teaching visible.