Classroom Vibe is the atmosphere of a classroom as communicated to and perceived by its students. In particular, this vibe is the consequence of the relationships we as educators cultivate with our students as well as the competence and passion we demonstrate through our practice.

At Classroom Vibe we know that when students experience positive, learning focused classrooms they achieve to their very best. Further, we believe that, as educators, it is our responsibility to deliberately cultivate our Classroom Vibe. It is, therefore, our goal to support teachers around the world to in cultivating their vibe to maximise student learning!

The Classroom Vibe Student Perception Survey is our flagship product and we are incredibly proud of it! The survey and its associated reports have been designed to provide insights to teachers across two broad categories of known high-impact teaching strategies. These include Teacher Credibility and Teacher Clarity. These areas were specifically chosen as they capture key observable elements of high-quality teaching practice.

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